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  • New HVAC Installation

  • Anderson Air specializes in residential HVAC unit installation. The installation process starts during the sales process. We pride ourselves on learning what kind of features the homeowner wants out of their New Air Conditioner and make recommendations based on their wants while also taking into consideration what the house needs.

    Installing Your New Air Conditioning Unit – What to Expect

    pensacola hvac installationHere is an overview of our step-by-step process. A typical installation day starts with the installation team arriving around 8 AM. They then lay our drop cloths where possible to protect the homeowner’s floors. The old HVAC system is then removed. The mechanical closet is then cleaned up and prepared for the new unit. This sometimes consists of lining and sealing the return, rebuilding the structure to support the air handler, and placing a new piece of ¾ in plywood down for the unit to be sat upon. Then the copper piping is replaced when it is possible. Once that has been accomplished the air handler or furnace is placed inside the closet. Meanwhile, the condenser pad is being sat in place on the outside. The condenser is then bolted down to the condenser pad. Next, the installers are ready to connect the air handler to the condenser. They braze the copper piping to the air handler and the condenser while nitrogen is flowing through the pipes to prevent carbon from building up inside the pipes. Once the piping has been brazed the unit is then pressured tested with nitrogen. The system is tested with 200 psi of Nitrogen to ensure that there are no leaks in the system. While the system is being pressure tested the unit is reattached to the duct system using a technique that is called 4 piecing. It requires the technician to hand cut individual pieces of duct board to attach the air handler to the ductwork. The technicians then begin to wire the electrical to the unit, providing high voltage power to both the indoor and the outdoor units. The control voltage is then wired and the thermostat is replaced with a newer digital thermostat. The drain line is then connected to the air handler and runs to the outside of the house. Drainage systems are required to have a safety float switch that turns the unit off if a blockage occurs. Once everything is connected and the HVAC system is sealed, the unit is tested to ensure that the refrigerant charge is correct and everything is working as it is designed.

    Hire a Trusted Expert

    Purchasing a new Air Conditioner is a big decision and it is very important to hire the right contractor. A contractor that has the training and skill set to do the job correctly. Anderson Air is a Bryant Factory Authorized dealer and attends numerous hours or continuing education each year to stay up to date on new technology. Be sure to read our online reviews, we have a 5.0 star rating on Google with 40 reviews and counting.

    We would be happy to answer all of your questions. Call Anderson Air today 850-346-0979 to set up an appointment for a free estimate to replace your HVAC unit today.